ISSN 1338-4880  (print version)
ISSN 1338-6956 (online)
Volume 8 (2018)
1 / 2018

- Štěpán KAVAN : Possibilities of cross-border activities of Fire Rescue Service of the South Bohemian region

- Bruna Carolina LOBO FERREIRA, Ágoston RESTÁS and Laszlo BODNAR : Real Examples Focusing the Mental Health Service Provided in the Framework of Crisis Management

- Peter LOŠONCZI : Risk of physical assaults on health care workers in course of their work

- Andrea MAJLINGOVÁ, Miroslava SMOLÁROVÁ and Rastislav VEĽAS : Study of a forest fire behaviour in changed wind speed conditions

- Zbigniew MIKOŁAJCZYK, Dominik HRYSZKIEWICZ: Effectiveness of communication processes among crisis management entities in Poland

- Dariusz MUCHA, Peter HAVAJ, Tomasz PAŁKA, Stanisław GULAK, Dorota AMBROŻY and Dawid MUCHA : Health and its conditionality as a factor for increasing the level of safety in society

- Julius PIWOWARSKI, Wojciech CZAJKOWSKI : Sense of Threat and Paradoxes of Empathy in Social Relationships

- Viktor PORADA : Selected problems of the methodology of scientific cognition in the field of the light of R. S. Belkin's ideas
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2 / 2018

- Martin BOROŠ: The possibilities of encryption information

- Lenka BRUMAROVÁ and Jakub BRUMAR : The Risk Mapping in the Czech Republic

- Josef KŘÍHA : Problem aspects of combating “other anti-social activities"in the optics of selected substantive and procedural law enforcement

- Sergey LAPTIEV, Iryna MIHUS and Yana KOVAL : Improving the methodical approach to evaluation of economic security of banking institutions of Ukraine

- Filip LENKO and Andrej VEĽAS : Alarm systems and their use in municipalities

- Martin MAŠĽAN : Analysis as part of risk management to protect the system and its assets

- Volodymyr SIDAK, Alexander ZAKHAROV and Vasyl ZAPLATYNSKYI : The role of competitive intelligence in ensuring  the economic security of enterprises

- Roman SVATOŠ : Position of a witness in criminal proceedings

- Petr ROŽŇÁK : Migration and its impact on the security of Visegrad countries