ISSN 1338-4880  (print version)
ISSN 1338-6956 (online)
Volume 11 (2021)
1 / 2021
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- Pavel BÖHM, Jakub HUDEČEK, Radan DOUBRAVA, Josef POŽÁR : Research in the Problems of Publicly Accessible Automated External Defibrillators in the Municipality of Příbram

- Petra DOSTALOVA, Luděk LUKÁŠ : Managing the Enterprise Crisis Caused by the Pandemic

- Marek HORVÁT, Pavol HLAVÁČ : The Preventive Methods of Fighting Forest Fires

- KARIM : Criminal Problem Solving Model Through Restorative Justice Approach

- Marek MAJERNÍK : Analysis of terrorist attacks in European Union, focused on attacks committed in France

- Ola MAJTHOUB : Education Provision for Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan

- Zhansulu MURATOVA : Public administration of education during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Case of the Republic of Kazakhstan

- Iwona PAWLAS : The COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Implications for Government Deficits and Public Debt – International Perspective

- Bohumil ŠEJNOHA : Security issue of risk factors in road transport in the context of traffic accidents

- Mery Rohana Lisbeth SIBARANI : Corporate Crime Liability as the Subject of Corruption Act based on the Return of State Financial Losses

- Rastislav VEĽAS, Andrea MAJLINGOVÁ, Danica KAČÍKOVÁ : Influence of changes in meteorological conditions on the moisture content of dead fine fuel in the mixed pine forest

- Jaroslav ZAREMBA, Pavol KURDEL, Štefan KOČAN : The criteria for determining hazards in the airport environment
2 / 2021

- Sidra AGHA : Measuring Freedom of Expression in Pakistan: Challenges to Citizens Security

- Erhan AYGÜN : Border Security and Border Management of Turkey in the Fight Against Illegal Migration

- Jonaedi EFENDI, Prasetijo RIJADI : Corporate Criminal Liability Not Fulfill The Rights of Persons with Disabilities

- Zuzana GEDEONOVÁ : Issues of bullying and cyberbullying in primary and secondary schools

- Ivana HONZOVÁ, Roman SVATOŠ : Surrogacy – a comparison of criminal law in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic

- Martin CHOVANEC : Selected aspects of cyber security from the point of view of recent legislation

- Teketel LEMANGO : Assessing the Local Government and Rural Development: Evidence from Ethiopia

- Viktor PORADA, Jiří STRAUS : Development of criminalistics, forensic sciences and constitution of expertology

- Atilla SUHAJDA : Far right in Germany

- Martin TOMÁŠEK : Dealing with emergencies in border area cooperation between the Fire Rescue Service of the Karlovy Vary Region and the Tirschenreuth district

- Putri Ayi WINARSASI : Law Review of Electronic Liability Registration (HT-EL) As a Fulfillment of Publiciteit Basis