ISSN 1338-4880  (print version)
ISSN 1338-6956 (online)
Volume 10 (2020)
1 / 2020
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- Martin BOROŠ, Andrej VEĽAS, Matej KUČERA, Martin FLODR: The error rate of human body temperature measurement using a thermal imaging camera in the conditions of the Slovak Republic

- Radoslav IVANČÍK : Cyber Threats as One of the Most Serious Asymmetric Security Threats in 21st Century

- Ewelina LECH, Dorota FRAŃCZAK, Radosław FRAŃCZAK : Some comments on the opinion on the mental health of the accused in the area of sexual preference disorders

- Hemin MUHAMMAD, Ludek LUKAS : Managing Personal Data Security in E-Government Processes

- Elena NIKOLAJOVÁ KUPFERSCHMIDTOVÁ : The Case-Law Shaping the Right of the Third-Country Nationals for the Language Assistance

- Iwona PAWLAS : Resource efficiency as a precondition for securing environmental sustainability by the Visegrad Countries

- Peter POLJAKOVIČ : The possible impacts of immigration of third country nationals on the security of European Union member countries

- Lukáš STÁREK, Jarmila KLUGEROVÁ :
The pupil and his/her background with regards to emergencies
2 / 2020

- Emese BELENYESI, Agota DOBOS: Formal or Informal? The Changing Role of Coordination in Local Government Decision Making in Hungary

- A N M Zakir HOSSAIN: Unfolding the Role of Non-State Actors in Rohingya Refugee Crisis at Bangladesh

- István KOVÁCS: The Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others done at New York on 21 March 1950 is 70 years old

- František KAŠICKÝ: The role of the European Border and Coast Guard in the security of the European Union

- Marek SMETANA, Štěpán KAVAN, Kateřina TOMANOVÁ: SWOT analysis of the usability of augmented and virtual reality in teaching crisis management

- Jana LUKÁČOVÁ: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Transfers of the security environment and post-war reconstruction in the landscape

- Elena NIKOLAJOVÁ KUPFERSCHMIDTOVÁ: Legal Framework for Communication with the Third-Country Nationals: Current Situation in Slovakia and Italy

- Ekaterina POPOVA: The Case of Emergency: How Does COVID-19 Influence Nationalism Development In Hungary?

- Petr ROŽŇÁK: Selected Trends and Phenomena in the Security Environment

- Ruslan SEITKAZIN: Leadership styles in public and private organizations

- Jaroslav SLEPECKÝ, Martin MAŠĽAN: Economy and economics of disasters as a theoretical basis of economic security

- Štěpán STRNAD, Vít ROUČ: Challenges of automation and robotization of Czech economy in the context of state security increasing conditioned by Covid-19 pandemic

- Saqer SULAIMAN: The Effect of Knowledge Management Processes on Organizations Performance

- Miroslav TOMŠŮ: Analysis of the information environment in healthcare organizations in terms of information security

- Erna URICSKA: Proper interactive communication of the police as a(n e-)trust-building strategy. Introducing the term policing digilect

- Aleksandra VARGA-KOCSICSKA: The issue of serbian national identity in the context of European Union enlargement

- Vaiva ZUZEVIČIŪTĖ: Lithuanian Law enforcement Officers on Aspects of Citizenship