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ISSN 1338-6956 (online)
Volume 12 (2022)
1 / 2022
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- Mahmut Talha AKSOY : Bilateral Diplomacy and Security Ties Between Turkey and Hungary in the Last Decade

- Radostina DIMITROVA : Role of Sharing Economy in Tourism Business in the Perspective of XXI Century

- Petra DOSTALOVA : Changes in the security management of the organization in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic

- Hilman, Dadang Epi SUKARSA, Lies SULISTIANI, Rr. Dewi ANGGRAENI : Restorative Justice Model Efforts to Functionalize Criminal Law Enforcement in Environment Crimes

- Elena NIKOLAJOVÁ KUPFERSCHMIDTOVÁ : Legal Framework and Some Peculiarities of the Communication with the Third-Country Nationals in Slovakia and Greece

- Iwona PAWLAS : Economic activity in peripheral regions during the COVID-19 pandemic - Evidence from Poland 

- Ekaterina POPOVA : Migration Integration Approaches, the Case Study of Russian-speaking immigrants in Hungary

- Viktor PORADA, Jiří STRAUS : Contribution to the theory of criminalistic identification, non-identification examination and forensic identification of vehicle

- Sulaksono SULAKSONO, Jonaedi EFENDI : The Alternative Urgency of Dispute Resolution through Arbitration

- Gabriella ÜRMÖSNÉ SIMON, Judit BORSZÉKI, Nóra BARNUCZ, Erna URICSKA : The role of languages for law enforcement purposes in higher education: the introduction of the new foreign language strategy at the UPS, Hungary

- Pavel ZAPLETAL, Petra DOSTÁLOVÁ : Digital Footprint and Methods of Obtaining Data on the Internet
2 / 2022
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- Maksym BEZPARTOCHNYI, Igor BRITCHENKO : Ukrainian-Slovak relations in the context of ensuring food security

Stefany Mercedes CEVALLOS : Putting Local Governments of Ecuador at the Heart of Urban Marketing

Jozef KOČÍK : Connectivity as a Tool for Safety in Automotive Transport

Kristína STAŇOVÁ, Milan MALIŠ : Activity of municipal/city police from the point of view of the citizens of selected city

Terubus TERUBUS, Made WARKA, Otto YUDIANTO, Himawan Estu BAGIJO : The Essential of Termination of Employment Criminal Investigations Viewing From a Restorative Justice Perspective